Second Mission

CD No: Pony Canyon DMDG-30262
Release date: 10 Aug 2001
Price: Y1000
Total length: 10:34 (3 tracks)

The second of the three-CD drama series from Dragon Magazine. The story is based on one of the short novels.
On her way back home with Kyouko, Kaname bumps into Fuwa, her senior from her junior high school day. He suggests her to date, which Kaname happily agrees. Yet this decision soon makes her pensive and Sousuke notices it. Kyouko tells him the reason and they decide to follow Kaname through the date...
This was the first episode that Bonta-kun appeared ^_^ But also it was probably the first time that Kaname recognised what Sousuke is to her.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Opening 1:19
2. ichizuna Stake Out 8:58
[Single-minded Stake-out]
3. Trailer for the Next Episode 0:15

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by nonchan