Audio Drama Turn 3

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCC-13078
Release date: 20 Dec 1995
Price: Y3000
Total length: 43:52 (9 tracks)

Set in the West... yes, this is a western film of Fam and Ihrlie. Ihrlie is a gunman wanted by police, travelling with an Indian girl, Fam. The storyline is more consistent than the previous dramas. It is not very funny at first but gets better later until the abrupt ending leaves enerything unsolved.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. BGM: bouken no teema 1:09
[BGM: Theme of Adventure]
2. Prologue 4:45
3. dai-1-maku: otazunemono Fam & Ihrlie 4:44
[Act 1: Fam & Ihrlie, The Fugatives]
4. dai-2-maku: hoankan Rarsha 7:19
[Act 2: Rarsha, The Sheriff]
5. BGM: Fam & Ihrlie no teema 3:47
[BGM: Theme of Fam & Ihrlie]
6. dai-3-maku: kenjuu nojuku 7:28
[Act 3: Sleeping in Rough with a Gun]
7. dai-4-maku: mahiru no kettou 7:10
[Act 4: Duel at Evil Noon]
8. Epilogue 4:36
9. eien densetsu 2:50
[Legend of Eternity]

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