Audio Drama Turn 2

CD No: Nippon Columbia COCC-12924
Release date: 21 Oct 1995
Price: Y3000
Total length: 42:37 (11 tracks)

This is more proper drama CD that Turn 1. The four explorers and Rael comes to an old remote hotel after failing to find a room in the town hotels. It is the house described in a old legend and has a magic mirror. That night, Rael disappears mysteriously with blood stain left in his room... A thriller, as thrilling as Fam and Ihrlie can be ^_^;;

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. BGM: yochou 3:48
[BGM: Premonition]
2. Prologue 1:49
3. dai 1 shou: mujin-kan no nazo 4:01
[Chapter 1: Mystery of an Uninhabited Manor House]
4. dai 2 shou: makyou no densetsu (daiichi no satsujin) 8:36
[Chapter 2: Legend of Magic Mirror (The First Murder)]
5. dai 3 shou: meitantei Ihrlie (daini no satsujin) 4:19
[Chapter 3: Ihrlie, The Excellent Detective (The Second Murder)]
6. (Interlude) Theme of Queen Lichiana 1:20
7. dai 4 shou: takurami no Rarsha (daisan no satsujin) 8:27
[Chapter 4: Rarsha's Conspiracy (The Third Murder)]
8. dai 5 shou: soshite daremo ga... (daiyon no satsujin) 2:06
[Chapter 5: And Everyone...]
9. Epilogue 3:22
10. BGM: soudou no ketsumatsu 1:20
[BGM: The Outcome of the Confusion]
11. BGM: daidan'en 3:25
[BGM: Denouement]

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