Original Soundtrack "Tosuc"

CD No: Star Child KICA-534
Release date: 7 Mar 2001
Price: Y2913
Total length: 59:05 (35 tracks)

The soundtrack for the animation series. The CD covers the BGMs, theme songs (TV size) and two image songs used in Eps 5. IMO, the music is just like the anime itself, not bad but not great, either. The anime had a few fun episodes but in general it didn't impress me too much. For the music, there are some nice tunes but again it is mediocre as a while.
BTW, "Tosuc" (not sure of the spell) apparently means "music" in the Mernics language.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Tales of Eternia 1:33
2. sora ni kakeru hashi (TV version) (Okui Masami) 1:34
[A Bridge over the Sky]
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Okui Masami ARG: Yabuki Toshirou
3. Farrose no yama no fumoto made 1:18
[To the Foot of the Mountain of Farrose]
4. kaijou toshi Belcagne 1:59
[The Marine City, Belcagne]
5. nikumenai ano ko 1:51
[The Hard-to-Hate Girl]
6. akireta... 1:17
[I'm Appalled]
7. A Tiny Love 1:33
8. gishin 2:20
9. semarikuru osore 2:07
[Looming Fear]
10. arashi no yokan 1:39
[Presentiment of Storm]
11. ima koso isamitatsu toki 1:22
[Time to Brace Ourselves Up]
12. iza, tachiagare 1:18
[Now, Stand Up]
13. shouri no yoin 1:37
[Aftertaste of Victory]
14. tsukanoma no yasuragi 2:33
[A Moment of Peace]
15. Resort kibun de 1:49
[In a Holiday Mood]
16. Count Down to Paradise (Minami Omi & Horie Yui) 3:19
LYC: Nedu Youko MSC: Imaizumi Hiroshi ARG: Imaizumi Hiroshi
17. Eye Catch 0:09
18. Inferia kara no tayori 1:29
[A Letter from Inferia]
19. kiyorakanaru jikan 1:52
[Pure Time]
20. Happy Feeling 2:25
21. sono saki ni 1:36
[Beyond It]
22. wazawai 1:44
[An Evil]
23. yuusouna wakamono yo 1:47
[You, Brave Youth]
24. korinai futari 0:44
[Pair Who Never Learn]
25. Wac-Wac Day 1:11
[Exciting Day]
26. chottoshita kigakari 1:32
[A Tiny Concern]
27. kikenna kodaiisan 1:38
[Dangerous Ancient Heritage]
28. haritsumeta kuuki 0:25
[Tense Atmosphere]
29. sentou kaishi! 1:35
[Begin the Battle!]
30. Greater Craymel 1:47
31. Pop Time 0:26
32. ichinichi no owari ni 1:31
[At the End of the Day]
33. mirai kara no boukyou (Hayashibara Megumi) 4:49
[Nostalgia from the Future]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Soeda Keiji ARG: Soeda Keiji
34. wakare ~sorezore no michi e~ 1:57
[Parting ~On the Separate Roads~]
35. I'd Love You to Touch Me (TV version) (Okui Masami) 1:03
LYC: Okui Masami MSC: Okui Masami ARG: system-B

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