The Movie e no Michi!? [Road to the Movie!?]

CD No: N/A
Release date: Apr 2002
Price: N/A
Total length: 12:53 (4 tracks)

This is a CD sold along with the movie ticket and consists of three drama tracks and one bonus track. The drama is a prelude to the movie itself and describes the preparation of the Japanese ex-driver team for the World Championship (well, sort of ^_^;;). The bonus track is the announcement of general notices by Lorna to the audience and was actually used in the real theatres.

NHT rating: 2.5 donburi

1. onsen-hen 4:19
[Chapter of the Hot Spring]
2. Race Queen-hen 3:44
[Chapter of the Race Queen]
3. Airport-hen 3:08
[Chapter of the Airport]
4. gekijou-you goan'nai Announce 1:30
[General Announcement in the Theatre]

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by nonchan