Shin Meikai Dragon Half [New Lucid Dragon Half]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-378
Release date: 24 Feb 1993
Price: Y2913
Total length: 64:38 (21 tracks)

The soundtrack CD that was released just before the OVA series. It consists of some BGMs, two songs (including the ED) and drama tracks. In the drama, Beena tries to beat Mink in the Royal Academy, which was created for the purpose. That's why the name of the CD and the cover illustration are those for school textbooks. There are tons of "insider" jokes (especially Gunbuster and Sailor Moon) in it and pretty funny.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. ouritsu-gakujutsu Academy e youkoso! 5:29
[Welcome to Royal Science Academy!]
2. mukyouyoukouza Part 1 "anime no dekirumade" 5:34
[Uneducational Lecture Part 1 "The Making of Anime"]
3. rekishi no o-jikan 7:39
[History Lesson]
4. ongaku no ojikan "Mink ikaru!" 1:49
[Music Lesson "Mink in a Fury!]
5. ongaku no ojikan "Slime-mura no koimonogatari" 0:56
[Music Lesson "Love Story in Slime Village]
6. ongaku no ojikan "Damarham sanjou!" 0:41
[Music Lesson "Here is Damarham"]
7. ongaku no ojikan "Dick Saucer" 0:42
[Music Lesson "Dick Saucer"]
8. mukyouyoukouza Part 2 "shudaika no dekiru made" 8:09
[Uneducational Lecture Part 2 "The Making of the Theme Song"]
9. watashi no tamagoyaki (Mitsuishi Kotono) 2:47
[My Omelet]
10. kokugo no o-jikan 4:34
[Japanese Lesson]
11. ongaku no ojikan "kyousatsu butou taikai" 1:25
[Music Lesson "Atrocious Lethal Battle Competition"]
12. ongaku no ojikan "sakuretsu! Saucer Special!" 2:03
[Music Lesson "Burst! Saucer Special!"]
13. ongaku no ojikan "Pidopotion densetsu" 0:32
[Music Lesson "Legend of Pidopotion"]
14. ongaku no ojikan "Beena kuro-majutsu" 0:57
[Music Lesson "Beena's Black Magic"]
15. ongaku no ojikan "arui wa hoehoena nichijou" 0:53
[Music Lesson "Or Hoehoe Days"]
16. osarai 11:01
17. taosuzo!! Red Dragon (Matsumoto Yasunori) 3:39
[I'll Beat the Red Dragon!]
18. kanmatsu-furoku "yokokuhen sono 1" 1:29
[Extra at the End "Preview No.1"]
19. kanmatsu-furoku "yokokuhen sono 2" 1:11
[Extra at the End "Preview No.2"]
20. kanmatsu-furoku "yokokuhen sono 3" 1:20
[Extra at the End "Preview No.3"]
21. kanmatsu-furoku "yokokuhen sono 4" 1:16
[Extra at the End "Preview No.4"]

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