I~jan! Yuujou

CD No: Media Factory ZMCZ-3523
Release date: 25 Jul 2007
Price: Y1200
Total length: 11:45 (5 tracks)

This is a maxi single of the OP song, puffed up with TV-size ED and two BGM tracks. Not worth the price.

NHT rating: Rating

1. i~jan! yuujou (MAKI) 3:42
[Why Not! Friendship]
LYC: Suyama Chieko MSC: Suzuki Shigehiro ARG: Suzuki Shigehiro
2. yumemiru otome (TV size) (Mizuhashi Mai) 1:33
[Dreaming Maiden (TV size)]
LYC: Arimori Satomi MSC: Sako Shigeki ARG: Sako Shigeki
3. i~jan! yuujou (karaoke) 3:43
[Why Not! Friendship]
MSC: Suzuki Shigehiro ARG: Suzuki Shigehiro
4. Najimi no teema ~My Pace~ 1:36
[Najimi's Theme ~My Pace~]
MSC: Yoda Kazuo ARG: Yoda Kazuo
5. Najimi no teema ~nekketsu & karaburi!?~ 1:12
[Najimi's Theme ~Redhot Passion & Swing-and-Miss!?]
MSC: Mitome Kazusumi ARG: Mitome Kazusumi

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