CD No: Contents Planning NDCP-0001(?)
Release date: 2003
Price: Y2381
Total length: 54:49 (38 tracks)

I don't know when/how/why this CD was released but happened to find it in a used CD shop. Its main contents are drama tracks and the fact that it claims that "Each track of this CD drama does not have much correlation with the real anime" should be enough to guess what is going here. Just like Gunbuster and Princess Nine drama CDs, it's full of parodies; in this world the four girls are so proud of their big things against each other while Lyar is really desperate to get married ^_^;; Yet none of the episodes is not exactly incompatible with the anime and I wouldn't mind if they make these stories into OVA ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. Pool de no kinku 11:23
[Tabooed Words at the Pool]
2. Love & Teeth 6:48
3. Weight a Minute! 7:12
4. Liar Lyar 8:29
5. koi wa moumoku... 10:05
[Love is Blind...]
6. Interview? 7:35
7.-38. kaku Character no koe no Accessory 3:12
[Voice Accessory for Each Character]

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by nonchan