Anata to iu Jikan

CD No: Lantis LACM-4125
Release date: 24 Mar 2004
Price: Y1143
Total length: 17:23 (4 tracks)

The very sweet ED song by CooRie, which I simply adore ^_^ My only question is that I can't see much connection between the song and the anime ^_^;;
The other two songs by Mai are image songs for Maia. I have to say I wish to hear CooRie version of these songs, too.

NHT rating: Rating

1. anata to iu jikan (CooRie) 4:29
[Time which is Called "You"]
LYC: rino MSC: rino ARG: Ookubo Kaoru
2. hidari-mune no Pocket ni (Nakahara Mai) 4:35
[In the Pocket on Your Left Chest]
LYC: Takubo Mami MSC: Fujima Hitoshi ARG: Fujima Hitoshi
3. nanairo no kotoba (Nakahara Mai) 3:50
[Words in Seven Colours]
LYC: Takubo Mami MSC: Uematsu Noriyasu ARG: Fujima Hitoshi
4. anata to iu jikan (karaoke) 4:27
[Time which is Called "You"]
MSC: rino ARG: Ookubo Kaoru

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