CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-23072
Release date: 24 Mar 1994
Price: Y2300
Total length: 34:20 (13 tracks)

The soundtrack for the first ever OVA in the world. Nitta Ichirou and Namba Hiroyuki produced wonderful music for the historic anime. I really love the main theme. Its sad and desperate, yet somewhat hopeful mood fits perfectly to the ending of the anime. Note that this is a recent reissue.

NHT rating: 5 donburi

1. darosu no teema 1:33
[Theme of Dallos]
2. kinkyuu dasshutsu 2:33
[Emergency Escape]
3. Moon Dog 3:50
4. Shun to Melinda no ai no teema 3:20
[Love Theme of Shun and Melinda]
5. Dog Fight 4:02
6. monoporisu no teema 3:10
[Theme of Monopolice]
7. utsurona kokoro 1:39
[Empty Heart]
8. Moonlight 1:11
9. tetsu no tsume 1:19
[The Iron Claw]
10. Chase 2:38
11. rejisutansu no teema 2:49
[Theme of Resistance]
12. runarian no yume 3:13
[Dream of Lunarians]
13. darosu no teema 2:51
[Theme of Dallos]

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by nonchan