Haruiro no Yume [The Spring-Colour Dream]

CD No: Lantis SOFT-0006
Release date: ?? ??? 2003
Price: Y2500
Total length: 51:26 (8 tracks)

This is a special drama CD at some events, probably to promote the anime. The seven girls get one monologue each (Misaki is Yoriko's owner, BTW).
Although it features the seiyuu of the anime, the character of the girls and the story seem to those of the game ("seem" because I don't know much about the game). For example, Sakura is supposed to be a genius and Moe is not so 'bokeboke' as in the anime. Yet, some of the tracks, especially Tracks 1 and 7, could be a prologue to the anime.
The last track is a comedy over Sakura's magic egg from which one dream will hatch. She secretly tries to create Jun'ichi on her own but soon gets found out by the other girls, all of them want their own version ^_^;; Here the girls and the mood are much more close to those in the anime and it's very funny ^_^;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. dai-1-wa "Asakura Nemu ~sakura no ki no shita de~" 5:46
[Episode 1 "Asakura Nemu ~Under the Cherry Tree~"]
2. dai-2-wa "Yoshino Sakura ~Sakura nikki~" 5:23
[Episode 2 "Yoshino Sakura ~Sakura Diary~"]
3. dai-3-wa "Shirakawa Kotori ~koharubiyori no yume~" 5:16
[Episode 3 "Shirakawa Kotori ~Dream of a Spring-Like Fine Day~"]
4. dai-4-wa "Amakase Miharu ~Banana hyakuman-bon no kimochi~" 5:22
[Episode 4 "Amakase Miharu ~Feeling of One Million Bananas~"]
5. dai-5-wa "Mizukoshi Mako ~machiawase~" 3:57
[Episode 5 "Mizukoshi Mako ~Waiting for Him~"]
6. dai-6-wa "Mizukoshi Moe ~fushigina kimochi~" 5:06
[Episode 6 "Mizukoshi Moe ~Strange Feeling~"]
7. dai-7-wa "Sagisawa Misaki ~madomukou no kimi~" 4:42
[Episode 7 "Sagisawa Misaki ~My Dear One over the Window~"]
8. dai-8-wa (bangaihen) "fushigina tamago" 14:51
[Episode 8 (Extra Story) "Mysterious Egg"]

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