Da Capo ~Dai-2 Botan no Chikai~

CD No: Lantis LACM-4071
Release date: 22 Aug 2002
Price: Y1143
Total length: 19:18 (4 tracks)

The OP song and two ED song for the PC game, which seems to have various endings. The OP by yozuca has a very similar feel to the OP of the TV anime. The first ED is by rino before(?) her CooRie days.
In case you don't know what "the second button" implies, it is a common thing for girls in high or junior high schools to ask the boy she loves to give her the second button of his school uniform on the day of his graduation ceremony (that is, the girls are usually younger than the boy and do not graduate on the same day). Of course, he can refuse and the fact he gives it to her means he accepts her love (or at least doesn't mind it ^_^;;).

NHT rating: Rating

1. Da Capo ~dai-2 botan no chikai~ (yozuca) 4:41
[Da Capo ~A Vow on the Second Button~]
LYC: tororo MSC: tororo ARG: Angel Note
2. Dream ~The Ally of~ (rino) 4:54
LYC: tororo MSC: Osada Naoyuki ARG: Osada Naoyuki
3. Dream ~The Other Side~ (Mitose Noriko) 5:01
LYC: tororo MSC: Azuma Takayuki ARG: Iizuka Masaaki
4. Da Capo ~dai-2 botan no chikai~ (karaoke) 4:39
[Da Capo ~A Vow on the Second Button~]
MSC: tororo ARG: Angel Note

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