Da Capo Dama 2

CD No: Circus CIRCUS-0052
Release date: Feb 2004
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 9:28 (2 tracks)

This is a special CD given at some shops to those who bought DVD-Box II and contains the school anthem by all the girls and Nemu's version of the PS game theme song. The former is a collectors' item, I suppose, but the latter is pretty good. If you are a Nemu fan, you must get it.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Kazami Gakuen kouka (Nogawa Sakura, Kanda Akemi, Horie Yui, Matsuoka Yuki, Itsuki Yui & Tamura Yukari) 3:44
[School Anthem of Kazami Gakuen]
LYC: Shirakawa Mayu MSC: Shirakawa Mayu
2. Da Capo ~dai-2 botan no chikai~ -Candy Morning Ver.- (Nogawa Sakura) 5:43
[Da Capo ~A Vow over the Second Button~]
LYC: tororo MSC: tororo ARG: Uematsu Noriyasu

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by nonchan