Soundtrack For OVA Seires

CD No: Vap 22004-15
Release date: 21 Aug 1988
Price: Y1500
Total length: 17:47 (9 tracks)

This is a mini-album, containing music newly made for so-called "New OVA Series", including the OP and ED songs (Because the series also use BGMs from the original TV series, there are not too many new BGMs). I think the BGMs are of avarage quality but like the two songs very much. Track 8 is three messages by Yuri and Kai for *your* answering machine but I would not dare to used them ^_^;;

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. By Yourself (Morikawa Miho) 4:54
2. The Battle Of Evermore 1:23
3. Everlasting Love 0:58
4. Twilight Time 1:22
5. Dangerous Type 1:09
6. Escape 1:15
7. Sunny Day 1:10
8. Yuri to Kei no nusuban-denwa-you message 1:33
[Yuri & Kei's Message For Answering Machine]
9. akikara no Summer Time (Nitou Yuuko) 4:00
[Summer Time From Autumn]

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