CD No: Star Child KICA-88
Release date: 5 Mar 1992
Price: Y3000
Total length: 64:01 (10 tracks)

The first of Compiler image albums. Nothing to do with anime version. Each CD contains songs and short dramas, full of "insider" jokes. These CDS are extremely funny for those who understand the jokes but completely boring for those who do not (this applies to the entire series throughout). But Assembler is definitely cute!

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Prologue Menu:00 Presentation 4:09
2. mada minu anata e -Unseen Love- (Shimizu Satoko) 3:59
[To You Yet To See -Unseen Love-]
3. Menu:01 Programing 8:48
4. yoru ni mezame te (Matsuo Kiyonori, Kokubu Yurie) 4:21
[Waking Up At Night]
5. Menu:02 Simulation 9:28
6. fuyu-gare no machi (Kokubu Yurie) 5:06
[The Town of Winter Decay]
7. Menu:03 3Dimension 8:03
8. ai o sagashi te -All You Need Is Love- (Matsuo Kiyonori) 4:35
[In Search of Love -All You Need Is Love-]
9. Menu:04 Version Up 11:50
10. Compiler ondo (Sasaki Rie) 3:22
'Ondo' is a traditional Japanese dance music.

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