Raison d'Être

CD No: VAP VPCC-82218
Release date: 6 Jun 2007
Price: Y1143
Total length: 12:15 (3 tracks)

This is the rock OP song by Nightmare.
This particular one is an anime version, BTW, with an image of Clare on the cover. Two more Nightmare versions (VPCC-82607 & 82608), with a DVD of PVs, are available.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Raison d'Être (Nightmare) 3:52
LYC: Sakuto MSC: Sakuto
2. jojou-teki ni sugita jikan to fukauteina mira e no Requiem (Nightmare) 4:46
[Requiem for the Time which Has Passed Lyrically and the Uncertain Future]
LYC: Sakuto MSC: Sakuto
3. Criminal Baby (Nightmare) 3:37
LYC: Ruka MSC: Ruka

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