Megumeru -Frequency=>e Ver.-

CD No: Visual Arts CLANNAD-0004
Release date: 14 Jul 2007
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 11:29 (3 tracks)

This is a variation of the main theme song as well as a short version of an image song used in the theatrical movie.
I don't know what 'marumero' really means but it's likely to be a Portuguese word "marmelo," which means 'quince.'

NHT rating: Rating

1. megumeru -Frequency=>e Ver.- (eufonius) 4:57
[Mag Mell -Frequency=>e Ver.-]
LYC: riya MSC: eufonius ARG: Kikuchi Hajime
2. marumero ~Fildychrom~ (Short Ver.) (eufonius) 1:38
[Marmelo ~Fildychrom~ (Short Ver.)]
LYC: riya MSC: Kikuchi Hajime ARG: Kikuchi Hajime
3. megumeru -Frequency=>e Ver.- (karaoke) 4:55
[Mag Mell -Frequency=>e Ver.-]
MSC: eufonius ARG: Kikuchi Hajime

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by nonchan