Eien no Jikan

CD No: Marine Entertainment MMCC-4019
Release date: 25 Jul 2001
Price: Y2835
Total length: 56:21 (7 tracks)

The second of the drama CD series is a new story written by Moriyama-san.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Ghost in the Watch 3:09
2. madoromi no naka de 7:23
[In a Doze]
3. kaichuudokei no kioku 9:15
[Memory of the Watch]
4. Magdala nite 4:06
[At Magdala]
5. shisha to suzu no oto 9:04
[The Dead and the Sound of Bell]
6. eien no jikan 17:00
[Eternal Time]
7. zadankai no o-heya 6:21
[Room of Conversazione]

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