Hajimari no Keiyakusha [The Covenanter of Beginning]

CD No: Marine Entertainment MMCC-4014
Release date: 1 Dec 2000
Price: Y2700
Total length: 64:19 (7 tracks)

The first of the CD drama series describes how Rosette and Chrno met Asmaria. So it corresponds up to Eps 4 of the anime but much more faithful to the original manga than the anime.
The last track is really funny ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. hajimari 1:59
[The Beginning]
2. sono na wa Sister Rosette 10:40
[Her Name is Sister Rosette]
3. yami no machi no seiyakyoku 12:58
[Christmas Carol of the Town of Darkness]
4. kokoro no mama ni 10:13
[As One Pleases]
5. saidan no mitsukai 7:58
[The Sacred Messenger of the Alter]
6. mezame yo to yobu koe 13:03
[A Voice That Urges to Wake up]
7. zadankai no o-heya 7:26
[Room of Conversazione]

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by nonchan