Artbooks of Chrno Crusade

Shimahokke Vol.7 Shimahokke Vol.7
Date: Dec 2003
Publisher: private
Price: Unknown
A private collection of drawings used in the anime, by Kuroda Kazuya. Unfortunately all the illustrations are in B/W (apparently he is really busy these days).
Premium Book Premium Book
Date: 23 Apr 2004
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
Price: N/A
Formant: B5, 18 pages (4 pages in colour)
This is a booklet which came with the limited-edition of Vol.1 of the R2 DVD release (preorders only).
The colour pages have a fully coloured version of Rosette, Chrno and Asmaria, used in the ED (without colour). Other pages have drawings and comic strips by some of the anime staff. The cover illustration by Kuroda Kazuya is my favourite.
Art Book Art Book
Date: June 2004
Publisher: Fujimi Shobou
Price: N/A
Formant: B5, 66 pages (all in colour)
This is a small artbook which came with the July 2004 issue of Dragon Age. A number of illustrations by Moriyama-san occupy about the first two thirds of it, with his short comments on each. The rest is a selection of memorable scenes from the manga series, recreated with full colour. It's far too good for a give-away extra!

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