CD No: Pony Canyon PCCG-00539
Release date: 21 Jun 2000
Price: Y2800
Total length: 44:54 (13 tracks)

The soundtrack CD has the BGMs, the TV-size OP and full-length ED songs. The BGMs shows very interesting variation and many tracks are enjoyable as an independent piece of music. I really love the OP song and its piano version (Track 11). Its melody symbolises the story very well.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. kotoba to kokoro 2:15
[Words and Emotions]
2. Scarlet (100 sec. edition) (Iwao Junko) 1:41
LYC: Takahashi Ken MSC: Sawachika Taisuke ARG: Yamamoto Harukichi
3. hikari ni mukatte 2:53
[Against the Light]
4. Morte ded Debo 3:09
[The Gif t of Death]
5. kodoku na kunou 2:52
6. Invisible Plan 3:44
7. kaiki shoku 2:01
[A Total Eclipse]
8. ame 3:00
9. yogen no senritsu 3:31
[Apocalyptic Strings]
10. The Gate of Confusion 4:25
11. Scarlet (piano) 3:26
12. ten to chi 7:05
[The Heavens and the Earth]
13. One ~kono yo ga hatete mo hanarenai~ (Day-Break) 4:46
[One ~Even the End of the World Won't Part Us~]
LYC: Mori Yuriko MSC: Sakai Ryou ARG: Sakai Ryou

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