Christmas of Cyber Team in Akihabara

CD No: N/A
Release date: Nov 1998
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 14:07 (2 tracks)

This is a special CD given to readers of Animedia. The story is set between the TV seires and movie. In Track 1, the girls select their presents in their own way and Tsubame is cute... lethally cute ^_^;; In Track 2, they discuss how the upcoming movie should be. You need to know the Nadesico movie to enjoy this story fully. As a whole, the CD is extremely good for a give-away CD, IMO.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Akihabara Dennou-gumi no Christmas 10:03
[Christmas of Cyber Team in Akihabara]
2. gekijou-ban kikaku fukumen zadankai 4:02
[Masquerade-Conference over the Theatrical Movie]

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by nonchan