2011 Spring

CD No: Star Child KICA-470
Release date: 23 Jul 1999
Price: Y2913
Total length: 56:52 (8 tracks)

The last of the "Four Seasons" radio drama sereis. Following the final battle in the TV series, the town of Akihabara has recovered its peace and the girls, including Tsubame, who now lives with Hibari's family, becomes second-graders. But, having finished her duty in Tokyo, Kamome decides to go back to Osaka. To avoide tearful farewell, she doesn't tell the other girls about her decision... Probably the best drama CD of CTiA with a very touching story. A good prelude for the movie.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Key (Okui Masami) 3:49
2. dai-1-wa "atarashii kisetsu" 7:47
[Episode 1 "New Season"]
3. dai-2-wa "kanashii kokuhaku" 7:50
[Episode 2 "Painful Confession"]
4. da-3-wa "tooi omoi" 8:27
[Episode 3 "Disitant Passion"]
5. dai-4-wa "itsumademo, dokomademo" 9:23
[Episode 4 "Forever, Wherever"]
6. Distance (Shima Ryouka, Yushizumi Kozue & Asakawa Yuu) 4:27
7. Akiba-gaide III akihabara dai-ni den'nougumi! 9:54
[Akiba Extra Story III "Second Cyber Team in Akihabara"]
8. Go for Dream -yume no tobira o akete- (Shima Ryouka, Yushizumi Kozue & Asakawa Yuu) 5:13
[Go for Dream -Opeing the Door of Dream-]

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