Cyber Team the Movie -Sumner Vacation of 2011-

CD No: Star Child KICA-472
Release date: 14 Aug 1999
Price: Y2913
Total length: 48:51 (31 tracks)

Here is the soundtrack CD for the movie, released for theatres in August. It contains all the BGMs used as well as songs. If you liked the music of TV series, it is very likely you like this CD, too. Tsugumi is now a better singer than Hatopyon, IMHO ^_^;;, and I really like these two songs by Okui Masami. BTW, the first print comes with a postcard collection.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. min'na de ikoyo 1:30
[Let's Go Together]
2. natsuyasumi min'na de dokka iku keikaku 1:02
[A Plan to Go Somewhere Together in the Summer Vacation]
3. koi shimasho nebarimasho -Tsugumix- (Asakawa Yuu) 4:18
[Let's Fall in Love Let's Be Tenacious]
4. sorezore no natsuyasumi 1:20
[One's Own Summer Vacation]
5. Hot Fun in the Osaka Summertime 1:30
6. Kamome no takoyaki Song (Nagasawa Miki) 0:32
[Kamome's Takoyaki Song]
7. Tsugumi ooisogashi 0:40
[Tsugumi is Really Busy]
8. Sakurajousui-ke no ojousama 0:51
[The Graceful Daughter of the Sakurajousuis]
9. hotto hitoiki gogo no Hot Cake Time 1:13
[A Break - Hot Cake Time in the Afternoon]
10. machi 1:18
11. yuukai?! 0:28
12. Hot Spice -Hatopyon Version- (Kakazu Yumi) 4:44
13. yume no oka 0:49
[The Hill in the Dream]
14. uzuuzu Shopping Time 1:00
[The Exciting Shopping Time]
15. Kitaurawa... Uzura desu... 0:45
[I'm... Kitaurawa Uzura...]
16. oware owarete chichi wasure 1:12
[Chased and Chased to Forget about Dad]
17. natsu no yozora 0:25
[Sky at Summer Night]
18. saikessei Shibire-Gumi 0:29
[Re-formation of Shibire-Gumi]
19. dasshutsu 1:50
20. Akihabara ga uchuu he?! 2:23
[Akihabara Heading to Space?!]
21. fuan... demo hitori ja nai 0:42
[Anxiety... But I'm not Alone]
22. More Hot Fun in the Osaka Summertime 1:01
23. Sports & Entertainment 0:23
24. den'nou-gumi hanabi taikai 1:03
[Firework Show of the Cyber Team]
25. Pendant 0:45
26. Last Scene (Okui Masami)
27. Ootaki Oyaji & Shibire-Gumi 0:41
[Uncle Ootaki & Shibire-Gumi]
28. Primum Mobile 4:31
[Prime Mover]
29. ichigakki no owari 0:39
[The End of the First Term]
30. natsuyasumi no owari 0:33
[The End of the Summer Vacation]
31. Hot Spice (Okui Masami) 4:43

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