The Movie Edition

CD No: Koudansha NKCD-3168
Release date: 7 Aug 1999
Price: Y1500
Total length: 7:30 (1 tracks)

This is a CD which came with a movie guide sold at the theatres and consists of messages from the seiyuus of the main characters (Cyber Team and Cibire Team)... That was what I thought of it. But there was another message from Uzura, which is the best of all (her words earned one more donburi for the CD ^_^).
In any case, this kind of CD, not restricted to the screenplay written by someone else, is a good way to measure the skill and feel the character of seiyuu, IMO. Messages from veterans are definitely more entertaining from younger ones.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. seiyuu-san kara no Message 7:30
[Messages from the Seiyuus]

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by nonchan