Animage Special CD "Cyber Team in Akihabara vs Shoujo Kakumei Utena"

CD No: Animage AGCD-001
Release date: (unknown)
Price: Not for Sale
Total length: 16:44 (4 tracks)

This is a special mini drama CD, given to readers of Animage, to promote the theatrical movie of these two anime.
Hibari, Suzume and Tsubame talks about the movie and Hibari wishes to see her "Prince" in it. This reminds Suzume that there is a student called "Price" in a nearby school, Ootori Gakuen. So the girls decide to visit the school, where the "Prince" Utena and Anthy welcome them...
It is pretty funny, using the difference in the style and mood between the two anime. For example, the CTiA girls was thinking Utena and Anthy were high school students while the latter were assuming the three girls are from some elementary school ^_^;;

NHT rating: Rating

1. dai-1-bu ohisashiburi no dennougumi!! 5:44
[Chapter 1: Long Time No See, Cyber Team!!]
2. dai-2-bu unmei no deai? 6:20
[Chapter 2:]
3. dai-3-bu ikken rakuchaku, soshite 2:17
[Chapter 3:]
4. dai-4-bu mata au hi made 2:22
[Until the Day We Meet Again]

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by nonchan