CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60263
Release date: 23 Jul 1998
Price: Y2900
Total length: 60:16 (26 tracks)

This CD contains most of the BGM used in the show so far. I like most of them, especially those played by the orchestra, like Track 25 (NHK has got a lot of money ^_^). There are image songs of Sakura and Tomoyo, all of which are pretty good. Sakura sounds like "Tange Sakura" rather than "Kinomoto Sakura" while "Tomoyo" definitely sounds like her (I listened to Iwao Junko's version of 'yoru no uta' at her concert before this "Tomoyo" version and they gave me totally different impression). Surprisingly(?) there is no song for Kero-chan and unfortunately the ED song is not included.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Catch You Catch Me (Gumi) 3:44
2. yume 1:44
3. sawayakana asa 2:43
[A Fresh Morning]
4. shiawase no sakura-namiki 2:23
[A Happy Row of Cherry Trees]
5. chikashitsu 1:43
[The Basement]
6. Kero-chan no teema 2:07
[Theme of Kero-chan]
7. tanjou! Card Captor 1:13
[Card Captor Is Born!]
8. tanoshii hitotoki 1:14
[A Fun Time]
9. yasuragi no hi 1:06
[A Peaceful Day]
10. hitorijime (Gumi) 4:20
[All to Myself]
11. hoe? 1:29
12. akogare 1:10
13. genki ippai 1:13
[Full of Energy]
14. Shao Rang no teema 2:45
[Theme of Shao Rang]
15. anata to ireba (Tange Sakura & Iwao Junko) 4:37
[When with You...]
16. okaasan no omokage 1:48
[Image of My Mother]
17. Clow Card 1:03
18. Clow Card o nigasu na! 2:51
[Don't Let the Crow Card Escape]
19. setsunai kimochi 2:21
[A Desperate Feeling]
20. yoru no uta (Iwao Junko) 4:15
[Song of Night]
21. Sakura no teema I 1:43
[Theme of Sakura I]
22. Panic 1:43
23. taiketsu!! 1:47
24. Sakura no teema II 1:42
[Theme of Sakura II]
25. kibou no yokan 1:57
[Premonition of Hope]
26. shiawase no mahou (Tange Sakura) 4:40
[Magic of Happiness]

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