Original Drama Album 2 "Sweet Valentine Stories"

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60344
Release date: 10 Feb 1999
Price: Y2700
Total length: 51:02 (11 tracks)

This is the second drama CD about St Valentine's Day. It is a must for this kind of anime but the TV series missed it as the day came during the gap between the first and second series. Anyway the story is how the day foes for the girls in Sakura's class. It's a heart-warming story, probably leaving everyone happy (except poor Shao Rang ^_^;;). The opening song is pretty good, too ^_^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Prologue 0:40
2. Get Your Love (Tange Sakura, Iwao Junko, Nogami Yukana, Kawakami Tomoko, Hon'i Eimi & Matsumoto Miwa) 4:11
3. 2-gatsu 13-nichi 11:20
[13th February]
4. 1st Story "Sakura" 7:10
5. 2nd Story "Chiharu" 6:32
6. 3rd Story "Naoko" 4:09
7. 4th Story "Rika" 3:05
8. 5th Story "Mei Ring" 3:21
9. 6th Story "Tomoyo" 3:48
10. 2-gatsu 14-nichi 5:20
[14th February]
11. Epilogue 1:00

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by nonchan