Character Songbook

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-60318
Release date: 21 Jan 1999
Price: Y2900
Total length: 46:03 (10 tracks)

Obviously a collection of image songs. Most of the major characters have at least one song (I wish they made some for Fujitaka and Sonomi and perhaps Nadesiko). The songs are pretty orthodox, depicting each character well but with no surprise. I feel they are made to be acceptable to anyone. Very NHK-ish.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. zutto zutto zutto (Tange Sakura & Hisakawa Aya) 4:37
[Forever Forever Forever]
LYC: Ookawa Nanase MSC: Chihiro ARG: Chihiro
2. kocchi o muite (Nogami Yukana) 4:30
[Look at Me]
LYC: Chihiro MSC: Chihiro ARG: Kishimura Masami
3. jitensha ni notte (Ogata megumi) 4:19
[Riding on a Bicycle]
LYC: Yokoyama Takeshi MSC: Yonemitsu Ryou ARG: Yonemitsu Ryou
4. kimi ga ita Scene (Seki Tomokazu) 4:44
[A Scene with You]
LYC: Takami Masahiro MSC: Negishi Takayuki ARG: Negishi Takayuki
5. watashi dake no Movie Star (Iwao Junko) 4:49
[The Movie Star Only for Me]
LYC: Takami Masahiro MSC: Takami Masahiro ARG: Kishimura Masami
6. Prism (Tange Sakura) 4:40
LYC: Shiramine Mitsuko MSC: Tada Akifumi ARG: Tada Akifumi
7. kininaru aitsu (Kumai Motoko) 4:44
[I Cannot Ignore Her]
LYC: Shiramine Mitsuko MSC: Kishimura Masami ARG: Kishimura Masami
8. aoi kioku (Shinohara Emi) 4:35
[Azure Memory]
LYC: Chihiro MSC: Chihiro ARG: Kishimura Masami
9. issho ni utaou (Hisakawa Aya) 4:44
[Let's Sing Together]
LYC: Ookawa Nanase MSC: Negishi Takayuki ARG: Negishi Takayuki
10. yasashisa no tane (Iwao Junko) 4:16
[Seeds of Tenderness]
LYC: Matsumoto Kana MSC: Hamaguchi Shirou ARG: Hamaguchi Shirou

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