Mirai-seki Maruhi Club

CD No: Polydor POCH-1933
Release date: 9 Feb 2000
Price: Y1143
Total length: 12:56 (3 tracks)

Kyouko's maxi-single with three songs, including the ED song. The other two songs are totally different; Track 2 (a CM song) is mellow while Track 3 (an image song of a TV program) is pretty pop. They are all nice but Track 1 is the best, IMO.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. mirai-seiki maruhi Club (Kyouko) 4:01
[The Future-Century Secret Club]
LYC: Kyouko MSC: Kyouko & Baba Kazuyoshi ARG: Mirai-Seiki Project
2. Northern Song (Kyouko) 4:02
LYC: Kyouko MSC: Mamiya Kou ARG: Mamiya Kou
3. ren'ai dai-misui ~If Only I were Still There (Kyouko) 4:52
[My Great Attempted Love ~If Only I were Still There]
LYC: Kyouko MSC: Kimosawa Fukuji ARG: Tamura Gen'ichi

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