Let's Go Together

CD No: Epic Records ESCL-3113
Release date: 3 Sep 2008
Price: Y971
Total length: 10:57 (3 tracks)

This is the very happy ED song by Afromania. ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. Let's Go Together (Afromania) 3:42
LYC: Gengen MSC: Gengen ARG: Afromania & Ookubo Tomohiro
2. Kacha-shi- (Afromania) 3:30
LYC: Gengen MSC: Akki- ARG: Afromania
'kacha-shi-' is traditional dance of the Okinawa region. It's very informal and people begin to dance to the local songs whenever they feel excited enough. The word originally meant "to stir up" and was used because the movement of dancers' arms look as if they are stirring the air.
3. Let's Go Together (karaoke) 3:42
MSC: Gengen ARG: Afromania & Ookubo Tomohiro

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