Okusama wa 17-sai to 3652-nichi! [The Wife is 17 Years and 3652 Days Old!]

CD No: Columbia Music Entertainment COCX-33236
Release date: 6 Jul 2005
Price: Y2500
Total length: 50:32 (4 tracks)

This is a drama CD released before the anime started and the contents are about Ureshiko in pre-anime days. So Tatsumi doesn't make any appearance.
Track 1 is kind of a joke drama where Ureshiko appears on a local radio program somehow hosted by Yuuko ^_^;; Track 2 is about Ureshiko's 27th birthday. While Nori and Ururu are preparing for a surprise party for Ureshiko, she, soaked with rain, appears with Nori. She has seen Tamotsu kissing to another women and decided to leave him. This is proper prelude for the anime and the secret of the Magical Girl's kiss is also explained.

NHT rating: Rating

1. minna no okusama 22:36
[Wife for Everybody]
2. namida no Birthday 21:25
[Birthday with Dears]
3. mainichi ga Birthday (Inoue Kikuko) 3:59
[Everyday is Birthday]
LYC: Okeya Akira MSC: Blues T ARG: Blues T
4. Ureshiko kara no Message 2:29
[Message from Ureshiko]

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