Original Soundtrack

CD No: Mercury Music Entertainment PHCL-5093
Release date: 24 Jun 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 43:52 (20 tracks)

The soundtrack CD consists of the BGMs and the OP and ED (TV size). The music, especially the BGMs, are very good, mostly solemn and beautiful. It would have been perfect if the two songs are in the full length.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. yogen 1:51
2. Endless Loop (TV size) (Rouage) 1:36
3. Basara - Main Theme 2:56
4. omoi kage 1:46
[Heavy Shadow]
5. yawarakana toki 1:31
[Soft Time]
6. purumeria no saku basho e (arranged version) 3:23
[To a Place Where Plumeria Blooms]
An arranged instrumental version.
7. ketsui - Tatara 2:05
[Determination - Tatara]
8. shinryakusha 1:34
9. Butterfly 1:13
10. senjou 2:17
11. aoi gensou 2:28
[Azure Fantasy]
12. gekitou - senshi-tachi 2:24
[Fierce Battle - The Worriers]
13. shippuu - Shuri 2:49
[Gale - Shuri]
14. hikare au tamashii 2:17
[Two Souls Which Attract Each Other]
15. Endless Loop (arranged version) 3:01
In this track, the OP song is sung by a woman choir but I don't know who are the singers as no credit whatsoever is given in the CD.
16. kanashimi wa fukaku 2:07
[Deep Sorrow]
17. kesshuu suru chikara 1:54
[The Power Gathered Together]
18. shouri e 2:30
[To the Victory]
19. omoi wa doko e... 2:28
[Where is the Passion Heading...]
20. purumeria no saku basho e (TV size) (Nakayama Kanako) 2:28
[To a Place Where Plumeria Blooms]

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