Soundtrack Vol.7 "Double Vision"

CD No: Futureland TYCY-5126
Release date: 7 Mar 1990
Price: Y3000
Total length: 40:17 (11 tracks)

Soundtrack for one of my faivourite BGC episode (Vision is cute ^_^). Although Hashimoto Maiko did not too well as a seiyuu for Vision, her two songs, especially "Never The End", are among the best songs in all anime IMHO. With four additional image songs, it is more like a song collection than a soundtrack.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Say, Yes! (Hashimoto Maiko) 6:08
2. genki shutsugen 2:34
[Genki Appears]
3. Q - anata wa watashi no taiyou - (Hiramatsu Akiko) 3:37
[Q -You're My Sun-]
4. shingata boomer tanjou 2:20
[Birth Of New-Type Boomer]
5. Here In The Dark (Sakakibara Yoshiko) 3:55
6. Vision kusen 2:48
[Vision In Tough Fight]
7. Come Into Action (Tomizawa Michie) 4:14
8. kesshi no genki 4:18
[Desperate Genki]
9. Yes, Do It! (Knight Sabers) 3:25
10. Lynna no yasashisa 1:38
[Lynna's Gentleness]
11. Never The End (Hashimoto Maiko) 4:57

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by nonchan