Soundtrack Vol.4 "Revenge Road"

CD No: Futureland LD32-5076
Release date: 5 Jul 1988
Price: Y3200
Total length: 40:52 (11 tracks)

In this episode, they didn't use Oomori Kinuko's song for OP/ED. Instead Tsubokura Yuko sings them. She is a good singer but I am not keen about the two songs. It seems to be a pity to me when the BGMs suit the show very well.
There is a reissue for this CD (TYCY 5176, 6 Sep 1991, Y2000).

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Griffon 3:56
2. Crisis -ikari o komete hashire- (Tsubokura Yuiko) 3:45
[Crisis -Run With Anger-]
3. akumu no hi 4:51
[The Day Of Nightmare]
4. Survival 3:22
5. Revenge Road 2:22
6. Monster Machine I 3:43
7. Runaway 4:24
8. Monster Machine II 1:55
9. Cyber Monster 3:56
10. akuma to tenshi no kisu (Knight Sabers) 3:34
[Kiss Of An Agel And Devil]
11. Twilight (Tsubokura Yuiko) 4:42

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by nonchan