Gekitou! Rinkan-Gakkou [Fierce Battle! Open-Air School]

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA 1147
Release date: 23 Jul 1997
Price: Y2500
Total length: 72:52 (8 tracks)

This CD contains the radio drama broadcasted prior to the OVA series. The timeline is that of the TV series, in the preparatory school. All girls (and The Master) go to an open-air school, which is an entertainment in an ordinary school. But at this extraordinary school it is a special examination to check the students' progress. Of course, the aim of The Master is more than that ^_^;; It is a bit predictable but highly entertaining. Also the OP song is something no one but Karedou Natsuko can write ^o^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Bloomer no himegoto (Natsuki Rio) 3:47
[Secret Of Bloomers]
2. dai-1-section: atashi-dake shiranai...? 9:41
[Section 1: Only I Don't Know...?]
3. dai-2-section: kyoufu no daiichi stage 8:49
[Section 2: The First Stage In Horror]
4. dai-3-section: gyakyten no air-pocket 9:33
[Section 3: Air-pocket Of Reversal]
5. dai-4-section: noroi no ougonzou 9:35
[Section 4: Cursed Golden Figure]
6. dai-5-section: eikou no arijigoku 10:45
[Section 5: Glorious Doodlebug's Pit]
7. dai-6-section: tsuini hakken! ougonzou 10:10
[Section 6: Finally Found! The Golden Figure]
8. bangai-hen: kindan no densetsu 10:28
[Extra: Forbidden Legend]

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