OVA Soundtrack Vol.3 "Legend Of The Strongests In The Universe"

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA 1169
Release date: 22 Jul 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 56:59 (16 tracks)

The third soundtrack of the OVA covers the BGMs used in Episodes 5 and 6. Its second half consists of image (gag) songs and two drama, all of which are very funny. Probably the funnies of the Battle Athletess CDs ^_^

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. asu e no michi Ver.1 1:47
[Road To Tomorrow Ver.1]
2. Second Battle 2:25
3. Rival 1:02
4. Miranda no kyouki Ver.1 0:51
[Miranda's Madness Ver.1]
5. Akari to Tomoe 1:11
[Akari and Tomoe]
6. Miranda no kyouki Ver.2 0:44
[Miranda's Madness Ver.2]
7. aratanal ketsui 0:28
[New Resolution]
8. Akari no moshin 0:33
[Akari's Dash]
9. Cosmo Beauty no tanjou 0:41
[Cosmo Beauty Is Born]
10. wakare 1:13
11. asu e no michi Ver.2 2:36
[Road To Tomorrow Ver.2]
12. daiundoukai densetsu -ryakushite daiden- 1 (Kawakami Tomoko & Yajima Akiko) 0:48
[Legend Of Daiundoukai 1]
13. Drama "hajime ningen Akari-chan" 14:37
Prehistoric survival of the girls ^_^;;
[Drama "Ancient Human Akari-chan"]
14. ai mo rabu-rabu 5000 - ato wa yoroshiku Kudou-san - (Natsuki Rio, Kawakami Tomoko, Yajima Akiko, Sakagushi Aya, Yamagushi Yuriko, Okamura Akemi, IKIM OTI) 12:06
[Love Is Love 5000 - I'll Leave The Rest To You, Kudou-san -]
The answer song for 'Koi wa Rabu-rabu' in the CD "Hop." The cute version of Miranda is... really cute *^_^*
15. Drama "Sakigake! Otoko-gumi!!" 14:58
[Drama "Pioneer! Men's Class!!"]
A story about Anna after she has moved to the Boys' School. She and her two roommates face "culture shock." The title is a parody of famous comic "Sakigake! Otoko-juku!!"
16. daiundoukai densetsu -ryakushite daiden- 2 (Kawakami Tomoko & Yajima Akiko) 0:51
[Legend Of Daiundoukai 2]

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