Soundtrack Vol.2

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-1153
Release date: 22 Nov 1997
Price: Y3059
Total length: 39:57 (24 tracks)

The second soundtrack for the OVA series, containing two songs and BGMs (ie, no drama etc). It mainly covers Eps 4 and 5. Although this has more variety than Vol.1 and is a good CD on the whole, it lacks impact somehow.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. buruma no himegoto (Natsuki Rio) 3:45
[Secret Of Bloomers]
2. Kris no teema 1:30
[Theme Of Kris]
3. biginaazu towa? 1:31
[What The Begginers?]
4. Battle Racross kaishi 2:08
[Start Battle Racross]
5. yuujou no kiretsu ("mune o harou" hensoukyoku vcer.1) 1:53
[A Crack In Friendship (Variation of "Let's Keep Our Heads High" ver .1)]
6. chintsuu to rakutan ("mune o harou" hensoukyoku vcer.2) 1:09
[Grave And Dejection (Variation of "Let's Keep Our Heads High" ver .2)]]
7. Kris no tsuioku 1:38
[Kris's Recollection]
8. daiundoukai no teema ver.2 2:05
[Theme Of Battle Athletess ver.2]
9. haado na renshuu ver.2 2:48
[Hard Training Ver.2]
10. chinjiken? 0:53
[An Odd Incident?]
11. kyodai na ARMS 1:22
[Gigantic ARMS]
12. chuukan-shiken kaishi 2:07
[The Midterm Exam Starts]
13. semaru kiki 1:30
[Looming Crisis]
14. kesshi no dasshutsu 1:34
[Narrow Escape]
15. kouchou no toujou soshite kyuushutsu 0:57
[The Master Comes To Rescue]
16. ando 0:49
17. futari no sharp na taiketsu 0:36
[Sharp Confrontaion Of The Two]
18. Gerado no teema 1:45
[Theme Of Gerado]
19. shinzenjia kaishi 1:05
[The Friendly Match Begins]
20. Sexy Pose 0:52
21. haado na renshuu ver.3 0:57
[Hard Training ver.3]
22. tatakai owatte 0:50
[After The Battle]
23. daiundoukai no teema ver.3 2:09
[Theme Of Battle Athletess Ver.3]
24. mune o harou! (Natsuki Rio) 3:52
[Let's Keep Our Heads High]

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