Soundtrack Vol.1

CD No: Pioneer PICA-1141
Release date: 25 Jun 1997
Price: Y2913
Total length: 58:26 (22 tracks)

The first soundtrack for the OVA series. The music is fairy orthodox but grand to capture the scale of the story and I love them. Three songs, (ED and image songs for Kris and Anna) are nice, too. Three short drama tracks are funny but not outstanding. You can guess the content from the title and Grant's H nature ^_^;;

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Prologue #1 1:25
2. Prologue #2 1:15
3. Prologue #3 1:55
4. Prologue #4 0:40
5. daiundoukai no teema 1:35
[Theme Of Daiundoukai]
6. CD Drama "daiundoukai bangaihen sono-ichi ofuroba de dokkiri no maki" 4:57
[CD Drama "Battle Athletess Extra Vol.1: Surprise In The Bath"]
7. Akari no teema Ver.1 3:24
[Theme Of Akari Ver.1]
8. kitai to kibou no daigakueisei 2:30
[University Satellite Of Expectaion And Hope]
9. nyuugakushiki no koufun to kinchou 0:40
[Excitement And Tension In The Entrance Ceremony]
10. kouchou toujou 2:52
[The Master Appears]
11. Akari no teema ver.2 3:20
[Theme Of Akari Ver.2]
12. yume no ground 0:45
[The Ground Of Dream]
13. CD Drama "daiundoukai bangaihen sono-ni kouishitsu de dokkiri no maki" 5:00
[CD Drama "Battle Athletess Extra Vol.2: Surprise In The Changing Room"]
14. choujin-teki pawaa 2:16
[Superhuman Power]
15. haado na renshuu 3:18
[Hard Training]
16. fuan to kiki 1:49
[Unease And Crisis]
17. konran to douyou 2:19
[Confusion And Perturbation]
18. yuujou to hokori 1:40
[Friendship And Pride]
19. CD Drama "daiundoukai bangaihen sono-san shinshitsu de dokkiri no maki" 5:11
[CD Drama "Battle Athletess Extra Vol.3: Surprise In The Bedroom"]
20. mune o harou! (Natsuki Rio) 3:53
[Keep Our Head High!]
21. Nude (Yajima Akiko) 3:42
22. otomechikku ga tomara nai (Kawakami Tomoko) 3:50
[I Can't Stop My Girlishness]

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by nonchan