TV Soundtrack "Jump"

CD No: Pinooer LDC PICA 1157
Release date: 25 Mar 1998
Price: Y2913
Total length: 65:41 (22 tracks)

The last of three soundtrack CDs contain most of the BGMs not included in "Hop" as well as four songs (note Track 22 has two songs in medmey. I am not keen on the image songs but BGMs are really good, especially those used in "Jessie" episodes and Track 19. There are a few tracks whose title I am not sure what means, BTW.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Dear My Friends 2:05
2. daigaku eisei 1:32
[The University Satellite]
3. mirai e no michi 1:55
[Road To The Future]
4. Miracle Love (Okamura Akemi) 4:06
5. Slum Spiritual Song 3:38
6. Raid Neriri 2:58
7. Rumieel 2:35
8. Beyond The Universe 3:17
9. karimba session With Ngaji tomo no kai 2:32
[Karimba Seesion With Friends of Ngaji]
10. Technocrat Suspage 3:20
11. tairiku no kaze wa higashi no kuni e fuku 1:31
[The Wind Of Continet Blows Toward Eastern Country]
12. Stare-Miatos ni tatazumu 2:38
[Standing still at Stare-Miatos]
13. Europaskin Course 2:46
14. aiga are ba ii... (Soumi Youko, Sakaguchi Aya & Kawada Taeko) 4:06
[All I Want Is Love...]
15. isshoukenmei yattemachu 1:51
[I'm Doing My Best]
16. Ondo Of uchuu 2:03
[Dance Music For Universe]
17. Mr Miracle no teema 1:13
[Theme Of Mr Miracle]
18. kouchou-sensei no tame no Prologue 1:31
[Prologue For The Master]
19. Three Dog Fight 4:57
20. Exit Program 3:40
21. getsumen Beginners/See You, Akari 3:48
[Beginners On The Moon/See You, Akari]
22. yuuyake -- tsubasa (Asakura Yukari) 7:00
[Sunset -- Wings]

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