CD No: Victor Entertainment VIDL-30514
Release date: 16 Dec 2000
Price: Y971
Total length: 17:52 (3 tracks)

The ED song by Sakamoto Maaya.
As usual, the music is composed by Kanno Youko and, for the first time(?), Maaya wrote the lyrics herself. I am not sure what "mameshiba" means (it could be a dog's name). The song is not bad but failed to capture my imagination. My opinion may change when the show starts and I can hear the song as an introduction to another story.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Mameshiba (Sakamoto Maaya) 6:13
LYC: Sakamoto Maaya MSC: Kanno Youko ARG: Kanno Youko
2. kuuki to hoshi (Sakamoto Maaya) 5:31
[Air and Stars]
LYC: Iwasato Yuuho MSC: Kanno Youko ARG: Kanno Youko
3. Mameshiba (karaoke) 6:08
MSC: Kanno Youko ARG: Kanno Youko

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by nonchan