Piano Collection "Stagione" -Kisetsu- [Season]

CD No: Victor Entertainment VICL-62003
Release date: 2 Aug 2006
Price: Y2000
Total length: 36:03 (18 tracks)

This is a collection of solo piano tunes from both series, navigated by Akari, Alice, Aika and Alicia. Very beautiful and peaceful music is performed by Senoo Takeshi (Tracks 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 14, 15 & 16) and Kubota Mina (Tracks 2, 6, 12 & 18).
Although there are many tracks whose title is the same as those in the two OSTs, the actual contents are different. So I can happily recommend this CD to all the Aria fans.

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1. Stagione -joshou- 0:25
[Stagione -Prologue-]
2. Euforia 2:20
MSC: Kubota Mina
3. Stagione -haru- 0:50
[Stagione -Spring-]
4. Aqua 2:23
MSC: Sasago Shigeharu
5. hanabie 2:25
[A Cherry-Blossom Chill]
MSC: Sawada Jouji
6. natsumachi 2:22
[Waiting for Summer]
MSC: Kitagawa Katsutoshi
7. Stagione -natsu- 1:01
[Stagione -Summer-]
8. tooi kobune 2:45
[A Distant Boat]
MSC: Sasago Shigeharu
9. Smile Again 2:49
MSC: Senoo Takeshi
10. Stagione -aki- 0:39
[Stagione -Autumn-]
11. koi towa donna mono? 2:32
[What Is Love Like?]
MSC: Akioka Ou
12. Undine 2:03
MSC: Kubota Mina
13. Stagione -fuyu- 0:46
[Stagione -Winter-]
14. shourou no Patrie ~Neo Venezia~ 2:26
[Homeland with a Bell Tower ~Neo Venezia~]
MSC: Senoo Takeshi
15. Santa Claus no sora 3:42
[Sky of Santa Claus]
MSC: Senoo Takeshi
16. soshite fune wa yuku (Short Ver.) 2:26
[And Then the Boat Goes on]
MSC: Senoo Takeshi
17. Stagione -shuushou- 0:27
[Stagione -Epilogue-]
18. Rainbow 3:05
MSC: Kitagawa Katsutoshi

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