The Animation Drama CD I "Blue"

CD No: Frontier Works FCCM-0089
Release date: 25 Nov 2005
Price: Y2800
Total length: 70:29 (5 tracks)

This is the first drama CD by the anime cast. There are four independent stories, all of which are very Aria-ish. ^_^
BTW, as it was released just after the anime started, some of the cast seem to be yet to hold the personality of the characters and sound a little different from in the anime.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Navigation 01: ichigo-ichie 18:01
[Navigation 01: Treasure Every Meeting, For It will Never Recur]
Akari talks with Alicia about various customers she guided on the day. 'ichigo-ichie' is, as you may know, an idea cherished in the tea ceremony.
2. Navigation 02: Present 18:25
Akatsuki asks Akari's help to select a present for Alicia for her birthday, which makes Aika determined that *she* will surpass him in the presents...
3. Navigation 03: Shachou no nayami 9:14
[Navigation 03: Shachou's Trouble]
Aria Shachou wants to send a love letter to Hime Shachou. So Akari writes it for him.
4. Navigation 04: Video Chat Party ~hoshi no Concerto~ 7:30
[Navigation 04: Video Chat Party ~Concerto of the Stars~]
Akari sets up an inter-planet and has a chat party with Aika, Alice and Ai. The subject soon shift to "Concerto of the Stars," a love-story film, which all of them watched recently.
5. Theme Talk & Cast Credit 17:19

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