Drama Tracks III

CD No: Bandai Music APCM-5149
Release date: 21 Oct 1999
Price: Y2857
Total length: 55:22 (3 tracks)

The third and last of the drama CDs. Track 1 is a pretty sad story, especially if you consider what Meifon is, and Track 2 is a light-hearted comedy. I would place this above Vol.1 but below Vol.2.

NHT rating: 3 donburi

1. Episode V "Log out" 27:28
A robot which has been working at a car factory decides to run away and stows away on the Angel Links to see his "girlfriend". When he is found by the crew, Meifon, moved by the fact the robot has taken action against his program, lets him to stay on. But sad reality waits for them at the destination.
2. Episode VI "Catwalk" 22:13
On a rare holiday of the Angel Link, Meifon is asked to look for a stray cat by a small boy. She has a really hard day while the other crew enjoy themselves.
3. Cast Credit 5:40

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by nonchan