Drama Tracks II

CD No: Bandai Music APCM-5146
Release date: 21 Aug 1999
Price: Y2857
Total length: 53:57 (3 tracks)

The second drama CD of Angel Links is much funnier and better than the first one. It is closer to the mood of the original novel series than that of the anime.

NHT rating: 4 donburi

1. Episode III "Dooze no komoriuta" 26:58
[Doose's Lullaby]
One day Doose and Kousei find an abandoned baby in a park. The baby seems to like Doose and Meifon decides that Angel Links will find his parents, rather than reporting him to the police.
2. Viking 2:43
The ladies from the Angel Links go to a hotel restaurant to enjoy a "cake viking" to find unexpected people there. Note "viking" in Japanese mean dining where one can eat as much as one wants with a fixed-price.
3. Episode IV "Angel vs Angel" 24:15
The crew of the Angel Links want pay rise but Meifon refuses it flatly. So the crew decide to go for lockout of their battleship.

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by nonchan