Tameiki no Hashi

CD No: Geneon Entertainment GNCL-0033
Release date: 25 Jun 2008
Price: Y1200
Total length: 15:55 (4 tracks)

This is the OP song by Shione. Very acoustic and simple tunes by Kuricorder Quartet matches the show very well, IMO. The other two tunes are instrumental ones by the Quartet.
BTW, the English track names here are the official ones, NOT my translation.

NHT rating: Rating

1. tameiki no hashi (Kuricorder Quartet & Yukawa Shione) 4:49
[Bridge of Sighs]
LYC: Yukawa Shione MSC: Kurihara Masami
2. natsu kara aki e wataru hashi (Kuricorder Quartet) 3:06
[1000 Bridges across Summer & Autumn]
MSC: Kawaguchi Yoshiyuki
3. Peach-well Park no nagai kisetsu (Kuricorder Quartet) 3:05
[Long Season of Peach-well Park]
MSC: Kawaguchi Yoshiyuki
4. tameiki no hashi (karaoke) 4:49
[Bridge of Sighs]
MSC: Kurihara Masami

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