Ai yori Aoshi no Natsuyasumi

CD No: Marine Entertainment MMCC-7032
Release date: 19 Jul 2003
Price: Y2800
Total length: 60:25 (14 tracks)

A drama CD released just before the second season of the anime. Although this is a Marine Entertainment release, the cast is that of the anime.
The story is loosely based on the manga episodes. Chika and her club mates are told to enter the swimming competition at the end of the summer holiday. So the three girls (Chika, Natsuki and Chizuru) decide to do a special training during the summer school holiday (up to here it is the same as Eps II-8 of the anime). As they like it in a "gasshuku" fashion, they join Aoi and others in their yearly trip to the coastal resort where Taeko's grandmother lives. Seeing Kaoru also comes with them, Natsuki determines to be a matchmaker between Chika and Kaoru and Chizuru cannot stop her...
It's essentially a story for Chika. So her fans would enjoy it more than others ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1. natsuyasumi no yotei 5:57
[Plan for the Summer Holiday]
2. min'na de Drive? 5:36
[Going for a Drive Together?]
3. Beach de asobou! 7:01
[Let's Have Fun at the Beach]
4. dai-enkai 3:11
[A Big Party]
5. doki-doki roten-buro 3:12
[The Exciting Outdoor Bath]
6. umi no ie de otetsudai 3:41
[Helping the Beach House]
7. suiei tokkun sono 1 2:39
[Special Swimming Training No.1]
8. futarikkiri no senkou-hanabi 6:29
[Tiny Fireworks Only for the Two]
9. suiei tokkun sono 2 3:35
[Special Swimming Training No.2]
10. mujintou no bouken 5:01
[Adventure on an Uninhabited Island]
11. tooriame 5:56
[A Shower]
12. yozora o miage te 2:07
[Looking up at the Night Sky]
13. natsuyasumi no owari ni 1:53
[At the End of the Summer Holiday]
14. "5cm no yuuki" (Momoi Haruko, Koyama Kimiko & Noto Mamiko) 4:02
[Courage of 5cm]
LYC: Itou Nobuo MSC: Itou Nobuo ARG: Aida Takeshi

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