Special Drama CD

CD No: Hakusensha
Release date: 5 Jun 2003
Price: (Y1600)
Total length: 34:14 (9 tracks)

This is a special drama CD which came with the first print of the manga Vol.11.
Just like Nadesico's Zoku Oshare Club, here the characters know that they are manga/anime characters. For example, Chika goes to "Comic Festival" as a reporter of a TV anime program to interview manga fans. Anyway, the success of the anime series made them very popular and busy but Chika, who only appeared in the last few episode, cannot hide her sadness ^_^;; So Tina suggests them to demand the producer to start the new series. Of course, all of them have their own wishes in the possible new series.
It's very funny and far better than I expected ^_^

NHT rating: Rating

1.-8. tokubetsu CD Drama "kippou" 31:14
[Special CD Drama "Good News"]
9. Anime shin-Series ni muke te 3:00
[Towards the New Anime Series]

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by nonchan