Aiao Gekiban 2 "Kosumosu" [Drama CD 2 "Cosmea"]

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-0020
Release date: 23 Aug 2002
Price: Y1500
Total length: 44:49 (9 tracks)

The third of the "four season" series is a drama CD, whose structure is very similar to the first one.
The CD is pretty disappointing, I have to say. The "Rhythmy Chika" one is as silly and meaning as in the summer CD. Well, that's expected. But the problem is the main drama. Kaoru and the girls joins actors/actresses in a theatrical play as the most of the original actors/actresses are sick with food-poisoning. The play is an adaptation of "Kaguya Hime (Moon Princess)" and Aoi overlaps the heroine's life over her own... It's not funny enough to be a comic show and too short to be a touching story. So I don't know how to enjoy it. I didn't find the two image songs particularly attractive, either. Perhaps the low price is its only saving grace.

NHT rating: Rating

1. Heart ni fushigina Fun! Fun! Fun! (Momoi Haruko) 3:24
[Mysterious Fun in My Heart]
LYC: Aida Takeshi MSC: Takano Fujio ARG: Masuda Toshio
renzoku taiga Mini-Drama "Magical Idol Rhythmy Chika"
[Serial Grand Mini-Drama "Magical Idol Rhythmy Chika"]
2. dai-3-wa "aa! oniichan" 5:27
[Episode 3 "Oh! My Dear Brother"]
3. dai-4-wa "futari no on-stage" 5:53
[Episode 4 "Two on the Stage"]
4. Maple Leaf no yuuwaku (Narita Sayaka) 3:24
[Temptation of Maple Leaf]
LYC: Aida Takeshi MSC: Masuda Toshio ARG: Masuda Toshio
5. jomaku "kyuujitsu wa butai no ue de" 6:18
[Prelude "Like Your Holiday on the Stage?"]
6. ichi-maku "tsukimisou ni wa jihi no kaori" 7:18
[Act One "Evening Primrose is Fragrance of Mercy"]
7. ni-maku "tsuki ni chikau wa eien no ai" 6:11
[Act Two "I Vow My Eternal Love to the Moon"]
8. shuumaku "tsuujiru omoi to tashikana kizuna" 4:16
[Finale "Mutual Understanding and Solid Bond"]
9. Aoi nikki "aki" 2:38
[Aoi's Diary "Autumn"]

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