Aiao Gekiban 1 "Himawari" [Drama CD 1 "Sunflower"]

CD No: Pioneer LDC PICA-0019
Release date: 26 Jun 2002
Price: Y1500
Total length: 35:56 (9 tracks)

The second of the "four season" CDs is a drama CD, with two image songs for Tina and Taeko. The former (Track 1) was used as the ED song in Eps.18.
The first drama could have been a good TV episode. Taeko tells Tina and others about her favourite fortune-telling, 'donburi uranai.' According to it, she and Tina will have "a wonderfully exciting moment with the one you love" tomorrow. Naturally the two girls wait for the day with wild imagination but they are not the only ones who believe the donburi urainai. Aoi and Miyabi (^_^;;) also follow its suggestion.
The second one is not so good but an AiAo version of the magical girl show. Chika is the heroine here. Rhythmy Chika is a magical girl sent from the Magic Land to make people happy as an idol singer ^_^ She has to fight against various enemies, including her evil rival, Lyrical Mayu ^_^;;
The first press is a picture disc and comes with a calendar sticker.

NHT rating: Rating

1. I'll Be Home (Yukino Satsuki) 3:25
LYC: Aida Takeshi MSC: Masuda Toshio ARG: Masuda Toshio
Series ai no gekijou [Azure Theatre Series "Fortune-telling"]
2. jomaku "kikkake wa donburi no kaori" 5:21
[Prelude "It Started with Flavours of Bowls"]
3. ichi-maku "purin to Marshmallow, tashite 2 de waru" 3:47
[Act One "Add Pudding and Marshmallow, then Divide it by Two"]
4. ni-maku "obentou motte, Honeymoon" 4:38
[Act Two "Honeymoon with Box-Lunch"]
5. shuumaku "anata no negao ni miru shiawase" 2:13
[Finale "My Happiness in Your Smiling Face"]
6. Look Forward (Mizuhashi Kaori) 3:59
LYC: Aida Takeshi MSC: Itou Nobuo ARG: Masuda Toshio
renzoku taiga Mini-Drama "Magical Idol Rhythmy Chika"
[Serial Grand Mini-Drama "Magical Idol Rhythmy Chika"]
7. dai-1-wa "Chika, daichi ni tatsu!?" 4:19
[Episode 1 "Chika Rises on the Earth!?"]
This title is a parody of Eps 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam.
8. dai-2-wa "shukumei no deai!?" 5:12
[Episode 2 "A Predestined Encounter!?"]
9. Aoi nikki "natsu" 3:02
[Aoi's Diary "Summer"]

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